“I met Cathy Whitener 8 months ago and have been utilizing her services ever since. I want to encourage anyone who needs and wants more than what western medicine has to offer to set up an appointment with Cathy. Her training and knowledge is very impressive to say the least.
As a masters level Psychologist I was looking for more to help my clients with their emotional challenges. So I met and started training under Cathy and was amazed with her knowledge of the body, soul and spirit. As I learned how to clear trapped negative emotions and how they affect our physical body I was amazed at the results, not only for myself but many of my family members. I initially experienced a complete healing from lower back pain when the doctors just said ‘here take these pills; it’s just arthritis’. My 14 year old grandson had migraines every week. They kept him out of school so often the truant officer was called in. Cathy found that his body was misaligned. After realigning his body and clearing negative emotions, he finished out the last three months of this school year with zero migraines! Along with my family member I have seen amazing results with some of my clients, as I utilize the knowledge Cathy has freely poured into my life. Thank you Cathy for your dedication and love for others.”                              — Rebecca H. L. L. P., Kalamazoo MI

“I have been many places to find answers to my questions about healing  from many years of food allergies.  I have found my healing to be jump started  by Cathy Whitener’s testing, deep understanding of complex issues and her suggestions for improved health.  I have been amazed by the time she spends with me, helping me understand the process, providing encouragement and retesting to see if we have made progress. I leave knowing I am finding solutions to my health issues and am glad I found her.”
Karen N., Holland MI


TWO YEARS…Our son’s mysterious illness evaded a cure for almost 2 years! He was 35 pounds Underweight and endured intermittent vomiting with no explanation. We are so grateful to Cathy at Lifestyle Solutions/TerraVita Wellness. She was able to find and treat the ROOT rather than just “manage his symptoms”.  Clayton has his life back….fully recovered, enjoying life and even playing sports again.!”
— Shawn and Becky H., Dorr MI


“I was referred to Cathy to help my son recover from an arm injury (which she helped greatly) and soon became aware of my own personal digestive and kidney issues that I thought were just due to a ‘slow’ metabolism. I soon discovered that my kidneys were not functioning properly at all and needed detoxification and recovery. I was very skeptical at first, but was willing to try anything. Long story short, Cathy amazed me with her ability to find completely natural treatments for my condition. I followed her recommendations and saw a great improvement in several areas of my health including mental clarity, less pain in my lower back and higher functioning digestion. Cathy has made me a believer. I recommend that you do exactly as she says for the benefit of your health.”
Brandon B., Freeport MI